Sophie has been passionate about fashion for as long as she can remember. One of her favorite things about fashion is helping people look good and feel their best. Sophie has a degree in Fashion Merchandising from LIM University (NYC), and has spent the last several years working in retail, editorial/magazine, make-up, customer service, visual merchandising, and styling. She has traveled the world visiting six continents, picking up unique fashion traits from different cultures. 
Living in Manhattan for many years inspired her to create SOPHSTYLE, which is designed to offer personalized shopping, styling, and gifting experiences to those visiting or living in New York City. 

Why Sophstyle?

Sophie's knowledge of trends, styling, and brands creates a unique and personalized experience designed to meet your individual needs. Sophie enjoys not only picking out the best pieces for you, but her unique style and positive energy makes for a great experience. You are not just going home with specific items, but you are going home with new knowledge of how to put them together! 


New York, NY